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Stake your
unused crypto,
earn fees

A liquidity platform for synthetic assets
with zero-slippage trades.

Fractional Assets

Enables access through fractional assets. You have the freedom to trade $10 or $1,000 worth of assets.


A non-custodial platform that enables liquidity provisioning and trading of synthetic assets.

Censorship Resistant

A decentralized platform that is censorship resistant. Trade assets to meet your financial goals.

Risk Management

A platform that helps you understand your portfolio’s health and manage risk accordingly.

centoCento app

One-stop synthetic asset trading platform.

Trade synthetic stocks, commodities, forex, and crypto.

  • checkStake and Earn
  • checkNo slippage
  • checkCompetitive fees
  • checkAccess to exclusive markets

questQuest for Kresk

As an OG Kreskian, help shape the future of Kresko.

  • checkParticipate in the Beta
  • checkLaunch the Mainnet
  • checkEarn KREDITS
Join the Quest

protocolKresko Protocol

Kresko is a novel synthetic asset protocol

  • arrowHighly capital efficient protocol using stables for liquidity
  • arrowCreation of crypto backed krAssets
  • arrowEnable trading of any arbitrary market that has a oracle price

Compose with us - integrate krAssets into your Apps and Wallets.

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How does Kresko work?

How Kresko works illustration
AMarket makers make stablecoin deposits
BThe deposits enable creation of krAssets
CTraders trade krAssets and pay a small fee
DMarket makers earn APY based on the trading volumes
Partners and CommunityKresko is comprised of a diverse group of members who contribute to Kresko’s mission, open-source software, and community.
Electric Capital
Polychain Capital
Naval Ravikant
Naval Ravikant
Larry Cermak
Larry Cermak
The Block
Gui Laliberte
Gui Laliberte
Zero Age
Stefano Bernardi
Stefano Bernardi
ex-Board at Aragon
Alex Witt
Alex Witt
Verda Ventrures
MH Ventures

Inviting all mission-oriented degens

Join the Kreskian community on our mission to make wealth accessible to anyone, anywhere.


Audits & Bug Bounties

Security is a core value for the Kresko community.

Audited and Verified

Kresko has been audited by multiple leading auditing firms.

SolidifiedSolidifiedJanuary 12, 2024
SolidifiedSolidifiedJuly 14, 2023
QuantstampQuantstampJanuary 28, 2022

Bug Bounty

The bug bounty program prioritizes vulnerabilities identified in the smart contracts and the dApps.

Kresko Bug Bounty ProgramKresko Bug Bounty Program